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Sign for Virginia Election November 5 2019 Sebastian Volcker for Soil and Water Director

Goochland and me

Goochland has a small population, 25,488 (as of 2021), which means interacting with officials happens at a manageable human scale. Of the neighboring counties, only Cumberland is smaller. In Goochland you can be on a first name basis with the building official, your district board supervisor, your Soil and Water District managers or the District’s elected directors.

The close connection between the voter and official can frankly be a lot of pressure for the official, but it also affords the greater reward of neighbor serving neighbor. It is in that spirit of service that I seek the position of director for the Monacan Soil and Water Conservation District (MSWCD).

Sebastian Volcker participating in Virginia Adopt a Highway program

I live and work in Goochland, I have served the Monacan Soil and Water Conservation District (M.S.W.C.D. or just Monacan) since March 2020, first as an Associate Director, and then as an appointed Director since January 2023.   

What I do for Monacan:

Website Development and Maintenance: Spearhead the development and ongoing maintenance of the district's website , ensuring a user-friendly experience and up-to-date content.

⚫Finance Committee Chair: Manages district finances to support conservation efforts effectively.
⚫Education Committee Chair: Allocates scholarships to individuals pursuing studies related to conservation.
⚫Agricultural Committee Member: Support staff with implementing sustainable land and water management. Virginia Cost Share Program (abbreviated to "VACS"), cover crops, etc.
⚫Suburban Committee Member: Promotes conservation practices in suburban areas to minimize environmental impact with V.C.A.P. : Virginia Conservation Assistance Program.
⚫Personnel Committee Member: Contributes to workforce management and development strategies.


We Goochlanders do something better than any other county in Virginia, we vote, we consistently have the best voter turn out in Commonwealth of Virginia.  Most of us ±18,000 voters diligently perform our civic duty. On November 7, 2023, I would be honored if most of you would choose me to serve you as Soil and Water director.  (Early Voting begins: Friday, September 22, 2023, and there is one Sunday voting day on September 24, 2023 12pm - 4pm)

Very cordially yours,

Sebastian Volcker for Monacan Soil & Water Conservation District

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